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David Pawson CDs

CDs available:  $5.00 each

CDAK01-12        Daniel (12 CDs)

CDAL21-24           Habakkuk (4CDs)

CDBS01-11          Church History (11CDs)

CDBX01-06          Charismatics & Evangelicals (4 CDs)

CDBY01-06          Life after Death (4 CDs)

CDCA01-08          The Lordís Prayer (4 CDs)

CDCC01-10         The Character of God (5 CDs)

CDCE01-13          The Character of Jesus (7 CDs)

CDCF15                Taken Up With Jesus

CDCH01-06         Head in the Clouds (6 CDs)

CDCI01-06           The Final Facts (3 CDs)

CDCJ01-06          The Normal Christian Birth (3 CDs)

CDCM01-06         The Problems of Faith

CDCP01-06          The Uniqueness of Christ (3 CDs)

CDCR01-06         Salvation (3 CDs)

CDCW01-09         Letters to the Seven Churches

CDCX29                Why Would Anyone Be Afraid of God

CDCX30-31          A Christian Perspective on the American Disaster (2CDs)

CDDA22                The Future of Jerusalem (1CD)

CDDA26-27          Israel in the N.T. Feast of Tabs. 2003 -Revelation

CDDA28-29          Israel in the N.T. Feast of Tabs. 2004 -Revelation cont.

CDDA30                Israel in the N.T. Feast of Tabs. 2005 -Revelation cont.

CDDA31                Israel in the N.T. Feast of Tabs. 2006 -Revelation final session.

CDDE01-03          Lessons of the Holocaust (2 CDs) 

CDDG01-03         Remarriage after Divorce? (3 CDs)        

CDDH01-06         The Challenge of Islam to Christians (6 CDs)

CDDI01-03           Worship  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

CDDJ01-04          True God, & There is no God but Abba (4CDs)

CDDK01-03          Reflections on Mel Gibsonís Film (2 CDs)

CDDK03-04          Presenting the Word of God (1) Content (2) Communication (2 CDs)

CDDK05-06          Applying O. Test. Prophecies Church and Nation Today (2 CDs)

CDDK07-08          Shrinking Church in a Secular Society (2)

CDDK09                The Man Who Chose to be Born

CDDK10                You Need to Receive the Holy Spirit

CDDL01-03          Natural Disasters! A Christian Response Davidís response to the Tsunami Parts 1 to 3

CDDL04-06          What About John 3:16? Parts 1-3

CDDL07-08          God Keeps His Promises to Bless & Curse His People 2 CDs

CDDL09                Godís Special Relationship with the Jews

CDDM01  Sixteen Surprises in Romans 11. 

CDDM02   Replacement Theology is too Anti-Israel

CDDM03   Dispensational Theology is too Pro-Israel

CDDM04  Christ is Risen [Recorded Easter 2007]

CDDM05/06  The Five Covenants of God Session 1 & 2

CDDM07/08  The Goodness and Severity of God  [Similar to DH04-06]

CDDM09  Zionism in Hebrews [Feast of Tabernacles 2007]

CDDM10  Dispensational Zionism [Feast of Tabernacles 2007]

CDDM11  New Testament Baptism

CDDM12/15   Completing Lutherís Reformation for the 21st Century 4 CDs

CD DM16 I believe in the resurrection of the body

 Unlocking the Old Testament: (32 CDs) sold separately $5.00 each

BOTH OT & NT Unlocking set available on 3 CD ROMs $50

CDCK01-04          Genesis (4 CDs)

CDCK05                Exodus

CDCK06                Leviticus

CDCK07                Numbers

CDCK08                Deuteronomy

CDCK 09               Joshua

CDCK 10               Judges/Ruth

CDCK 11               1 & 2 Samuel

CDCK 12               OT Overview/Hebrew Poetry

CDCK 13               Psalms

CDCK 14               Job

CDCK 15               1 & 2 Kings

CDCK 16               Proverbs

CDCK 17               Song of Songs/Ecclesiastes

CDCK 18               Obadiah/Joel

CDCK 19               Jonah/Nahum

CDCK 20               Amos/Hosea

CDCK 21               Micah/Jeremiah(pt1)

CDCK 22               Jeremiah(pt2)/Lamentations

CDCK 23               Isaiah

CDCK 24               Zephaniah/Habakkuk

CDCK 25               Ezekiel(pts1&2)

CDCK 26               Ezekiel(pt3)/Daniel(pt1)

CDCK 27               Daniel(pt2)/Esther

CDCK 28               Ezra/Nehemiah

CDCK 29               1 & 2 Chronicles/Haggai

CDCK 30               Zechariah(pt1)

CDCK 31               Zechariah(pt2)

CDCK 32               Malachi

 Unlocking the New Testament:  (20 CDs) sold separately

CDCL 01               Matthew

CDCL 02               Mark/Luke

CDCL 03               John

CDCL 04               Acts

CDCL 05               Romans

CDCL 06               Corinthians

CDCL 07               Galatians

CDCL 08               Paul & his Letters

CDCL 09               Colossians/Ephesians

CDCL 10               Philippians/Philemon

CDCL 11               1 & 2 Thessalonians

CDCL 12               Timothy/Titus

CDCL 13               Hebrews

CDCL 14               James

CDCL 15               Peter

CDCL 16               Letters of John

CDCL 17               Jude

CDCL 18               Revelation (3 CDs)

Many more CDs available  Please ask for a catalogue

Send orders to: aust@davidpawsonministry.org or telephone 07 3376 9904   Free downloads available at www.davidpawson.org
Last modified: 25th July 2014