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David Pawson DVDs

We now have over 100 DVDs. 

There are 25 discs covering the 'Unlocking the Old Testament', with 18 covering the whole of the 'Unlocking the New Testament'.

$20 each or $15 each for 5 or more.

For orders of 10 or more, $12 each. 

All 2 DVD sets $30. 

All 3 DVD sets $36 except for specials.

Full Set of Unlocking DVDs (OT & NT) 43 discs  $473  (in individual cases)

Unlocking DVD Sets now available in multi-disc formats @ $10 per disc

O.T. & N.T. (43 discs) - $430 + $12 post (within Australia)

O.T. (25 discs) - $250 + $12 post (within Australia)

N.T. (18 discs) - $180 + $12 post (within Australia)

FORMATS AVAILABLE -  Black zip-up 'disc wallet'   OR   Multi-disc Plastic Cases

Genesis                                                  DVD113/114 [2 disc set]

Exodus                                                    DVD115

Leviticus                                                  DVD116

Numbers                                                 DVD117

Deuteronomy                                          DVD118

Joshua                                                     DVD119

Judges, Ruth                                           DVD120

1 & 2 Samuel                                          DVD121

Hebrew Poetry & Psalms                      DVD122

Job                                                           DVD123

1 & 2 Kings                                             DVD124

Proverbs                                                  DVD125

Song of Songs & Ecclesiastes             DVD126

Obadiah & Joel                                       DVD127

Jonah & Nahum                                      DVD128

Amos & Hosea                                      DVD129

Micah & Isaiah                                        DVD130

Zephaniah & Habakkuk                         DVD131

Jeremiah & Lamentations                     DVD132

Ezekiel                                                     DVD133

Daniel & Esther                                      DVD134

Ezra, Nehemiah, 1 & 2 Chron.              DVD135

Haggai & Zechariah                               DVD136

Malachi OT Overview                             DVD137             25 Discs in OT set


Matthew                                                   DVD138

Mark & Luke                                           DVD139

John                                                         DVD140

Acts                                                         DVD141

Paul and his letters                                DVD142

1 & 2 Thessalonians                              DVD143

1 & 2 Corinthians                                   DVD144

Galatians                                                 DVD145

Romans                                                   DVD146

Ephesians Colossians                          DVD147

Philippians & Philemon                         DVD148

1 & 2 Timothy & Titus                             DVD149

Hebrews                                                  DVD150

James                                                      DVD151

1 & 2 Peter                                              DVD152

1, 2 & 3 John , Jude                                DVD153

Revelation                                               DVD154/155 [2disc set]  18 Discs in NT set



The Normal Christian Birth                      DVD66/67    2 disc set $30

The Uniqueness of Christ                        DVD72/73    2 disc set $30

The Final Facts                                         DVD77/78    2 disc set $30

Charismatics and Evangelicals              DVD85/86    2 disc set $30

Israel in the New Testament                    DVD87/89    3 disc set $36

Jesus’ Letters to His Churches               DVD101/104  2 disc set $30

Men for God                                              DVD161/164  2 disc set  $30

Lessons of the Holocaust                        DVD168/9       2 disc set $30

In Depth Series                                         DVD170-173  2 disc set $30

The Challenge of Islam to Christians     DVD180/181   2 disc set $30

True God & True Gospel                         DVD185

Natural Disasters! A Christian Perspective     DVD186/188 2 disc set $30

The Five Covenants of God                    DVD189-191  3 disc set $36 (Recorded at IHOP 2009)

New Testament Baptism                                    DVD192

God and His People - Jewish and Christian    DVD194

The Uniqueness of Christ in the Age of Pluralism DVD196/6 2 DVDs

The Covenants of God                             DVD197/198  2 DVDs

The Righteousness of God                      DVD199/200  2 DVDs

The Mercy of God                                     DVD201

How and Why to Study the Bible             DVD202

Salvation                                                    DVD203/204  2 DVDs

Divorce and Remarriage                         DVD205/206  2 DVDs

The Uniqueness of Christ (S.A.)             DVD207/208  2 DVDs  (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

The Return of Christ (S.A.)                      DVD209/210  2 DVDs (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

Sovereign Grace                                      DVD213 (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

Free Grace                                                DVD214  (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

His Resurrection and Ours                      DVD215 (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

Suffering and Persecution                       DVD216 (Recorded in Sth Africa August 2010)

A Preacher's Legacy                                DVD217-219  3 DVDs  (Special price $30 + p/p)

Heroes of our Faith                                   DVD220-222  3 DVDs  (Special price $30 + p/p)

Israel in the N.T. - Matthew                       DVD223 - (Special price $50 + p/p for set of 5)

Israel in the N.T. - Acts                              DVD224 - (Special price $50 + p/p for set of 5)

Israel in the N.T. - Roimans Pt 1 & 2       DVD225 - (Special price $50 + p/p for set of 5)

Israel in the N.T. - Romans & Hebrews   DVD226 - (Special price $50 + p/p for set of 5)

Israel in the N.T. - Revelation                    DVD227 - (Special price $50 + p/p for set of 5)


Seven Wonders of His Story Special price for the set of 10 - $100

His Conception                      DVD228

His Birth                                  DVD229

His Death Part 1                    DVD230

His Death Part 2                    DVD231

His Burial                                DVD232

His Resurrection Part 1        DVD233

His Resurrection Part 2        DVD234

His Ascension                       DVD235

His Return                              DVD236

His Judgement                      DVD237


This Next Set were recorded at IHOP June 2011 and have been shared before but not all on DVD

DVD 238 to 249  Special Price for the set of 12 DVDs - $120  Can be purchased separately

The End Times                                                DVD238

Israel in the End Times                                   DVD239                        DVDs 238-241

The Church in the End Times                         DVD240              "End Times" 4 disc set  $40

The Church and Israel in the End Times       DVD241

Habakkuk Part 1                                              DVD242

Habakkuk Part 2                                              DVD243

The Song of Solomon                                     DVD244

The Righteousness of God                             DVD245

Remarriage is Adultery unless....                   DVD246

Grace: Saving, Sovereign or Free                DVD247

Once Saved Always Saved?                          DVD248

The Mercy of God                                            DVD249


Studying the Bible                                            DVD250

Fireside Chat #1 The British Riots                 DVD252



Back to the New Testament Church                DVD 253/254   2 DVDs $30 set (Recorded in Finland 2008 but never released)

Book of Revelation Seminar                            DVD255 - 263  9 DVDs $90 Recently discovered at IHOP

AUSCHWITZ, Poland 2012                             DVD264 - 267  4 DVDs $40 David speaks using an interpreter.  

Zechariah   Chapters 12 - 14  Feast of Tabs     DVD268/269    2 DVDs $30 set


2013 RELEASES    

“The Potter’s House”, Croydon UK September 2012

DVD270/1     The Biblical Covenants  (2 DVDs)                     

DVD272/3     The Bible Is Not A Book But A Library   (How and Why to study the Bible)   (2 DVDs)

DVD274        The Mercy of God

DVD275        Song of Solomon

 Also available as a 6 DVD Set  SPECIAL PRICE $60

Singapore  -  August 2013

DVD276        The Resurrection of Jesus – The Heart of the Christian Faith

DVD277        Song of Solomon – Singapore 2013

DVD278        The Amazing Story of Jesus


South of Reading Christian Fellowship, UK  -  October 2013

DVD279        Christ and Christmas?


As postal costs vary across Australia by Post Code and weight, we cannot give postage costs on the web.

 Please let us know your order and Post Code and we will assist.


Send orders to: aust@davidpawsonministry.org or telephone 07 3376 9904   Free downloads available at www.davidpawson.org
Last modified: 25th July 2014