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We would like to introduce to you our daughter, Libby Tester, who is doing the day to day running of the ministry  now. Libby is based in Brisbane; her 'phone number for orders is 07 3376 9904.

Free downloads available at www.davidpawson.org

"I am currently going through the Unlocking Series with a friend, and David's teaching is really opening up the Bible to us.  The studies on Ezekiel, Daniel and Esther we found especially compelling."                  H.S. from  S.A.

"I just want you to know how much these tapes have meant to my growth as a Christian.  I spend a lot of time traveling with work, and David is there teaching me all the time." K.B. from Qld

"David's teaching has shown me how far I was from being a true and practicing Christian."  D.S.  Qld

"I have come to esteem David Pawson as a cut above any preacher presently operating on the wider stage of the Church." Pastor B. M. from Qld

  •  DVDs- There are now over 100 DVDs in our collection.  25 discs cover the Unlocking the Old Testament and 18 cover the New Testament. Other discs cover the rest of the range. $20 each or $15 each for 5 or more. $12 per disc for 10 or more in an order.
  •   Now on DVD ROM. Imagine over 1,100 messages on just  8 DVDs in MP3 format. [Audio only] $595

2012 RELEASES  DS01-06

DS01 Being Salt and Light

DS02 The Cost of Being Salt and Light

DS03 Jews - a Light to the Gentiles [Feast of Tabs 2011]

DS04 Gentiles - A Light to the Jews [Feast of Tabs 2011]

DS05/6 What will happen when the scattered sheep meet the stricken Shepherd again?

DS07 His Majesty, God         Recorded  June 2012  in the UK

DS08-12  Back to the New Testament Church    5 messages recorded in Finland in 2008     (3 CDs)

DS13/14 Hope - The Christian Anchor Recorded in 1982  1. The signs of the times  2. A state of readiness

DS15-18 Covenant   Recorded at Bath, UK Nov. 12

DS19/20 Zechariah Chapters 12-14  Feast of Tabs (poor sound on second disc)


Listen to David on the Australian Christian Channel - Thursday 9.00 AM EST

Available on Optus, Foxtel, Austar and Shine TV in New Zealand




Send orders to: aust@davidpawsonministry.org or telephone 07 3376 9904   Free downloads available at www.davidpawson.org
Last modified: 25th July 2014