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DAVID PAWSON AUDIO MESSAGES now available in MP3 format or on CDs

Here is the basic list of audio messages

  • Old Testament: 

Genesis19 ; Exodus 12; Ten Commandments 10; Deuteronomy 14; Elijah & Elisha 13; Psalms 17; Ecclesiastes 12; Song of Songs 1; Isaiah 31; Jeremiah 28; Daniel 12; Minor Prophets 37.

  • New Testament:

Matthew 14; Sermon on the mount 4; Mark 17; Luke 33; John 29; Acts 33; Romans 27; 1 Corinthians 20; 2 Cor. 11; Galatians 13; Ephesians 12; Philippians 11; Colossians 10; Thessalonians 10; Timothy 10; Titus 3; Philemon 1; Hebrews 14; Peter 10; John's Epistles 10; Jude 5; Revelation 15; Revelation Riddle 10.

  • Other Topics:

Simon Peter The Reed and The Rock; Angels; Baptism; Christian Conscience; Christian Efficiency; Church History; Church Membership; God and His World; The Holy Spirit; Life After Death; Prayer; The Lord's Prayer; Studies on Prayer; The Character of God; The Character of Jesus; The Anger of God; What we Believe; Salvation; Creation; The Kingdom; Leadership is Male; Four Marks of the True Church; Jesus Christ; Israel; Problems of Faith; Remarriage after Divorce; Yes, I'm Coming Soon; The Significance of the Holocaust; Freemasonry; The Future of Jerusalem, The Christian Perspective on the American Disaster, Taken Up With Jesus, Why would Anyone Be Afraid of God? And the Word Became Flesh. Updates on the American Disaster.  Living in the Light of the Future.  The Challenge of Islam to Christians.  Israel in the New Testament; Past, Present and Future; Worship - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow; There is no God but Abba. The True God & The True Gospel, Reflections on Mel Gibson's Film, Presenting the Word of God, Applying OT Prophecies to the Church, Shrinking Church in a Secular Society. The Man Who Chose to be Born. We need to Receive the Holy Spirit, Natural Disasters-A Biblical Perspective.

  • "Unlocking the Bible" Series:

Unlocking the Old Testament 37 [soundtracks from videos]

Unlocking the New testament 18 [soundtracks from videos]

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Send orders to: aust@davidpawsonministry.org or telephone 07 3376 9904   Free downloads available at www.davidpawson.org
Last modified: 25th July 2014